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2015 Grantees

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2015 Grant Recipients

In 2015, the Beacon group made grants totaling $131,000 to 10 nonprofit organizations. 

Brooklyn Workforce Innovations

Brooklyn Workforce Innovations serves low income, unemployed women and men by providing them with high quality skills training and job placement services. It was created in 2000 and serves more than 700 people in a given year throughout the five boroughs. The Beacon grant supported the Tools for the Trade Initiative that provides graduates with items they need to start their careers.

Coalition of Concerned Medical Professionals (CCMP)

CCMP is an entirely volunteer organization of health professionals and others pursuing solutions to the health crises we face in New York’s low-income communities. CCMP operates a free-of-charge Benefit Program of preventive medical care, non-emergency dental care, and advocacy to fight denial of care for those whose insurance or financial standing denies them medically-directed treatment. CCMP fights to remove obstacles between the working poor and good health, and trains them in a course of advocacy to solve those problems.The Beacon grant supported general operations, including transportation and building renovations.

Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees

Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees seeks to provide “a safety net for women who might otherwise fall between the cracks… women with special needs, including rape victims from Haiti, disaster victims, domestic violence victims and women who are low-literacy English learners”. The program teaches English and provides support for complex household, immigration and job issues. The Beacon grant supported general operating activities, including website and teen programs.

Harlem Grown

Harlem Grown seeks to inspire young people to live healthy and fulfilling lives through mentorship and hands on education in urban farming, sustainability and nutrition. Founded in 2011, they operate local urban farms, increase access to and knowledge of healthy food for Harlem residents, and provide garden-based development programs to Harlem youth. The Beacon grant provided support of the summer camp.

Hudson Guild Settlement House

Hudson Guild’s mission is to create and sustain a strong, effective community that acknowledges and responds to the potential, achievements, and interdependence of its diverse members. Rooted in and primarily focused on the Chelsea neighborhood, the Guild seeks to empower all individuals and families to achieve their highest potential, while maintaining a priority focus on those in economic need. The robust arts program includes the Hudson Guild Theatre Company, and two community art galleries (The Hudson Guild Gallery and Guild Gallery II). Each year this program serves more than 2,500 people with live theater performances, professional and community arts exhibits, and live music concerts. The Beacon grant supported community outreach to publicize arts program events to the wider Chelsea community.

Josephine Herrick Project

Founded in 1941, Josephine Herrick Project (JHP) is a volunteer service organization, providing free photography programs to underserved audiences. They partner with community organizations and work with the communities in need, including veterans, youth impacted by poverty and children on the autism spectrum. JHP serves over 1,000 participants every year. The Beacon grant provided general support.

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Education Fund (NYAGV Ed Fund) is an anti-gun violence charitable organization that educates young people and their communities to reduce gun violence through public education and community outreach. The Beacon Grant supported NYAGV Ed Fund’s youth education program, ReACTION, a program that services schools to teach students about gun violence and empower them to be leaders of change. During the 2016/2017 school year, the ReACTION program has serviced 8 New York City public schools, either as an in-school or after-school program, reaching over 500 students.

Opus 118 Harlem School of Music

Opus 118 Harlem School of Music provides quality music instruction and teacher development in an environment that nurtures excellence and creativity. As a community music education program in East Harlem, Opus 118 strives to use music to foster expression, self-confidence, creativity, and engagement in area students. The Beacon grant supported the Teacher Training Initiative, which provides internships to professional New York City musicians in order to train the next generation of East Harlem music educators in Opus 118's unique method.

Project H.Y.P.E. (Helping Young People Survive)

H.Y.P.E. was founded 2004 and is run by Retired Police Detective Raymond Ramos who saw a gap between economically disadvantaged young men and adults with knowledge to share and help bridge the gap between youth and adulthood. Project H.Y.P.E. Inc., mentors are men from the community and various professions. St. John’s University students provide tutoring, homework help and assistance in peer mentoring to young men who qualify for the program. The mentors offer tutoring, college counseling, career counseling, conflict resolution assistance and gang intervention. The Beacon grant supported purchase of books and other supplies, and hiring professionals to train staff and kids.


Media for Social Justice (PROOF) offers a human rights photojournalism summer program called PICTURE JUSTICE. The program is offered to a diverse range of students with a focus on providing scholarships for low income high-school students. The program goal is to create engaged citizens who utilize the tools of art and personal story to promote social justice. Participants of the Picture Justice program use NYC as their classroom. PROOF provides access to a variety of NYC based human rights organizations and photojournalists as well as those directly affected by the injustice. Students receive education in human rights and social justice advocacy; learn practical and advanced photography skills; develop their writing and journalism skills and assist in the creation of of photo exhibits featuring the students’ work. The Beacon grant supported the expansion of the summer program for high-school students focusing on mass incarceration and the criminal justice system in NY.